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Dance Party, USA

Directed by Aaron Katz
66 min / 2006 / USA / English / Drama
Press (2)
Stills (3)
Jessica and Gus are two aimless teenagers who make a tenuous, fleeting connection when Gus confides in Jessica about his dark past.


Writer/Director: Aaron Katz (Land Ho!, Cold Weather)
Producers: Brendan McFadden, Marc Ripper
Cinematographer: Sean McElwee
Editor: Zach Clark
Composer: Keegan DeWitt


Anna Kavan
Cole Pensinger
Ryan White
Sarah Bing (Elephant)
Natalie Buller
Brendan McFadden
Chad Hartigan
Lorraine Bahr
Bryna Smith


SXSW Film Festival
Woodstock Film Festival
Chicago Underground Film Festival
Free Range Film Festival
Atlanta Underground Film Festival
Bend Film
Montreal Film Pop
San Francisco Independent Film Festival
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