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Beneath Clouds

Directed by Ivan Sen
90 min / 2002 / Australia / English / Drama
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Lena, a light-skinned Aboriginal girl, finds herself on a journey of necessity with Vaughn, a Murri boy doing prison time; as they venture into the unknown, they discover they have more in common than they realized.


Director/Writer/Composer: Ivan Sen (Mystery Road, Toomelah)
Producer: Theresa-Jayne Hanlon
Cinematographer: Allan Collins
Editor: Karen Johnson
Co-Composer: Alister Spence


Dannielle Hall
Damian Pitt
Jenna Lee Connors
Simon Swan


Berlin International Film Festival
Commonwealth Film Festival
Sundance Film Festival
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Mar del Plata Film Festival
Cleveland International Film Festival
Philadelphia International Film Festival
Karlovy Vary Film Festival
Paris Film Festival
Era New Horizons Film Festival
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